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Meet Da Bradduhs

Fabio and Michael met in Alaska while Fabio was finishing up culinary school and Michael was taking a break from his events company in Australia. After a week of dog sledding, snowboarding, bon fires and ice museums somewhat of a bromance blossomed.  About a year later Fabio and Michael reunited in Michaels home state Hawaii, Fabio was working as a Chef in Waikiki and Michael was a personal trainer at the UFC gym. One day after hiking koko head they went to Kona Brewing for some adult refreshments, aka accomplishment beers, and conversation about work arose.

Fabio brought up not liking his job and wanting to be his own boss Michael followed suit and tried explaining how hard it was from being his own boss to now working for someone else. Fabio asked what culinary aspect was missing from Hawaii and Michael was quick to reply Chips & Salsa or Mexican food and Brisket BBQ. After quickly weighing out the options and costs for starting up each business they decided on chips and salsa. They came up with the name Aloha Salsa Co. and Michael drew the logo on a napkin, the rest as they say is history…

Salsa Done Differently

Aloha Salsa is the diverse creation of culture and community to craft salsas representing Hawaii’s flavor profiles.


We use the freshest ingredients possible in every jar to ensure each one meets the highest of standards.


Using the flair of local ingredients gives us the most unique flavor profile of any salsa on the market.


Our flavor profiles come from the diversity of our local culture. Inspired by the roots of these food cultures we craft a salsa to ignite your palette.



This is salsa turned Aloha.  Inspired by the flavor of the islands but forged in the tradition of Mexico.  Welcome to the fusion of a flavor profile your mouth won’t say no to.

Inspired by heritage and filled with distinctly local flavors, our salsas combine Hawaiian ingredients and create our blend of Aloha.  We are a mad scientist constantly in the kitchen in pursuit of the perfect blend.  Each salsa starts with farm fresh ingredients and is handcrafted until the flavor combination is just right.

“My goal is to combine the flavors I found in Texas, Arizona, and California to bring a little piece of ‘home’ to the Hawaiian Islands, but with my own twist.” – Chef Fabio

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